Berkshire Doulas
Covering Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire, South Oxfordshire, Surrey and North Hampshire
Berkshire Doulas
Berkshire Doulas

  Berkshire Doulas are a group of experienced women who offer emotional and practical support to a woman or couple before, during and after childbirth. They are all members of Doula UK and all adhere to its code of conduct and are trained through recognised Doula UK  organisations. 

The cost of a doula birth package varies according to location and experience but generally falls between £400 and £1200 Mentored doulas are doulas that have not yet received their recognition from Doula UK and are undergoing mentorship from an experienced doula. They therefore may charge a little less for a birth. Postnatal doulas charge from £10 per hour upwards.

Doula UK is a 'not-for-profit' organization and has a Access Fund. This can be accessed by women who are receiving state benefits or who have been recommended by a health professional, to enable them to have doula support. The Access Fund covers a Doula's expenses but the doula gives her services voluntarily.

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 Your local Berkshire Doulas 
In no particular order 
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      Erin -   Mummy Minder         Sam - Birth & Postnatal                      Jane - Mummatters


  Laura - Birth Doula         Jo - Cookham Doula        Sarah - Blossom Doula

Linda - Birth & Postnatal                          Juliet -Birth & Postnatal

Callie - Second Nurture Doula Services

Sue - Bump,Baby & Beyond       Erika - Positive Birthing For You         Ines - Rosie Births

         Lindsey - Newbury Doula


Laura - Birth & Postnatal Doula     Nicky - Berkshire Doula     

Anna - Birth Doula         Grace - Birth & Postnatal     Linda - Celtic Touch      Michele - Baby Harmony

Linda - Birth & Postnatal                Francesca- Birth & Postnatal           Juliet -Birth & Postnatal


  Nuria - Woman Matters          Sharon - Sharon The Doula     Lisa - Confident Birthing